• #Girlboss Series 2: Raxenne Maniquiz

#Girlboss Series 2: Raxenne Maniquiz

#Girlboss Series 2: Raxenne Maniquiz

“Art, design, travel, literature, and food.” These words describe Raxenne Maniquiz to a T. Her Instagram feed is a colorful splash of digital illustrations, food pics, and landscape shots. She brings color to the world around her, which fits because she identifies coming up with color palettes to be her favorite part of making art. It all began in her childhood, where most of her time was spent on drawing and coloring.

#Girlboss Series 2: Raxenne Maniquiz

As a self-proclaimed “bad poster maker” in high school, she has since pursued a career in graphic design and illustration with Plus63 Design Co. She studied Advertising in UST, and started working in the industry soon after.

Choosing to focus on creating art for her numerous clients and their brands, she has amassed a formidable body of work. She has worked with brands such as JanSport, Bratpack, and Herschel Design Co., among others while preferring to do digital illustrations. Her work has also been featured in various magazines, including Rogue and Preview Magazines. She draws inspiration from various artworks, books, films, TV series, and travels she has had. She is also inspired by the likes of Dan Matutina, Paula Scher, Charley Harper, James Audubon, Katie Scott, and Neil Gaiman.

#Girlboss Series 2: Raxenne Maniquiz

#Girlboss Series 2: Raxenne Maniquiz

Aside from her job with Plus63, she also does some freelancing on the side. How does she keep track of it all? Just Google Calendars -- and, of course, a really good meal to get her through the day. If she needs to take a break, she takes time off to travel. It gives her brain (and hands) time to rest and recharge.

She likens design and illustration to problem solving. This is why she enjoys getting to work with different brands and people, giving her a lot of opportunity to learn new things. Of these, she counts her work with Bratpack and Charles and Keith to be her top two collaborations she is most proud of.

Ready to bring color to the world, she encourages everyone to be kind. And if you’re an aspiring artist, she says, “keep on creating and put your work out there.

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