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Keeping The Holiday Weight Off

Holiday Weight

While the holiday season is always something everyone eagerly looks forward to, no one wants to have that Christmas bloat post-New Year. The Noche Buena buffet sure would look appetizing and the scrumptious desserts are definitely not to be missed but the holidays are absolutely no reason for you to skip your indoor cycling classes and lose track of your fitness goals. Basically, what we’re trying to say is: stick to your normal routine despite the food and party galore and you’ll most likely hit your New Year’s resolution as soon as 2017 kicks off. If you’re stuck in a dilemma — such as leaving the country for a holiday vacation or if you need your holiday fitness schedule planned out — here are some tips to get you started:

Punchdrunk Panda Duffle Bag

First things first.

After a quick shower and light breakfast, change to your workout clothes and bring your duffle bag with you to the gym. Once you’ve got your sports bra on, there’s no more room to back out for sure. Aim for even just 30 minutes a day of running on the treadmill, swimming, biking, yoga, or pilates leaving you plenty of time to work on your holiday to-do list. Moreover, exercising in the morning also puts you in a good mood, makes you more productive, and helps you control your cravings so when you take a glance at all the meals prepared, you can minimize your intake and avoid the high fat-fare.

Control your cravings.

While buffets always look inviting, peruse your surroundings and narrow down the dishes you really want to try. If it’s just the usual lasagna or anything you can get on a normal day, skip it. Also, limit yourself to getting servings that leave a comfortable space between your food on the plate. Instead of going for another round as well, treat your sweet tooth and let yourself have a thin slice of mouthwatering red velvet cake or the heavenly brazo de mercedes.

Punchdrunk Panda Backpack

Try food-free family get-togethers.

Skip the usual holiday buffets and plan out fun-filled, fitness-inducing Christmas activities. Go on a quick drive away from the city, take your foldable backpack and camera with its cute strap with you and invite your family for a hike up Mt. Pulag, explore the Masungi Reserve, or kayak in Taal Lake. If these aren’t much up your alley, plan out a family fun shoot at your neighborhood clubhouse then go for a swim and play ‘Marco Polo’, ‘Frisbee’ or swimming relays. You’ll not only create lasting wonderful memories but you’ll also minimize your holiday gains.

Punchdrunk Panda Multi-Way Backpack

Sightsee on foot.

If you’re out on a holiday vacation and have no choice but to skip your yoga classes, be classic tourists and plan out an itinerary that will get you from museum-to-malls on foot with your passport wallet and multi-way backpack on hand. That way, you’ll keep your fitness goals in check while getting a better feel of your holiday destination.

Ultimately, keeping the holiday weight off is all about self-control and committing to your priorities but it’s also important not to go over the extremes. So plan your morning workouts, skip the high-calorie foods, and spread some good ‘ol Christmas cheer!

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