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Last Minute Holy Week Plans

Last Minute Holy Week Plans

You know that summer is close when Holy Week is slowly creeping in. The forty days of abstinence is almost over and we get a well deserved break. Well, it’s not too late to start planning! You still have some time to make the Holy Week break a good one.

Backyard Party

No time to go out of town? Why not celebrate Holy Week at home and make this an opportunity to catch up with some friends and family. Hold a party just for the sake of holding one, or to celebrate the coming of Easter Sunday. Put on a really cute outfit with the Monster Classic Socks to match and have some fun in the comfort of your own home.

Last Minute Holy Week Plans

Out of Town

Itching to leave the city behind? Take a day trip to some nearby destinations! A beach, a mountain, Enchanted Kingdom, or anywhere really. Or for those of you who want a quick escape from the scorching hot sun, fill up your Summer Fun Passport Wallet and take a quick trip to Japan or Korea because, why not? Find a couple of friends who are willing, search for a cheap hotel and go with the flow. It’s not yet too late to figure all of this out.

Try Something New

Go on a date, try a new restaurant, try out a new water park. Something new pops up all the time, and you just have to be brave enough to try them out. Search through new places in your area and find something that peaks your interest. Maybe this could even include bringing out your camera with its Inky Kisses Camera Strap and just work on your photography and flatlay-ing skills.

Stay Home

It’s a break. Use it. Sometimes we get so pressured by the people around us to go out when all we really want to do is lie down in bed and sleep, catch up on TV shows or listen to our favorite Spotify playlist with the Colorful City Headphones. This Holy Week break is a breather, and we’re always looking for that breather. Why not use this one?

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