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Local Plant Brands To Brighten Up Your Space

Plants do a lot to liven up a space. From your bedroom window to your work desk, a small indoor plant brightens up a room while also acting as a live humidifier. Not to mention that it’s that necessary pop of green that we can rest our eyes upon after staring at the monitor for hours. Plants are found to reduce stress, make you feel more relaxed and zen, and boost your happiness. Bonus points, it’s also a great aesthetic addition to your space. Here are some local indoor plant brands that you can hit up for your new green friend.

1. Habil Crafts (​@habilcrafts​)

One of our fellow Common Room PH brands is Habil Crafts. They make the most amazing home decor from plants and moss that add natural beauty to a space. From bookends to artwork, they’ve taken Nature’s greens and used them to make pretty knick-knacks that add a touch of whimsy wherever they’re placed. Habil comes from the Latin word “habilis”, meaning skills and abilities. Their craftsmanship is a showcase of true artistry, as shown by their Terra Bulbs - terrariums made inside repurposed light bulbs.

2. The Greenhouse Project (​@thegreenhouseproject​)

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One of the Greenhouse Project’s goals is to incorporate nature even inside an enclosed space like a house or an office. Another one of our Common Room PH roomies, The Greenhouse Project strives to share its knowledge about plants through their cactus and succulent gardening workshops.

3. Tierra Plants (​@tierraplants​)

A family of seasoned landscape designers and horticulturists are the brains and hands behind Tierra Plants. With over 30 years of experience, they handpick the plants that best complement your space and deliver them right to your doorstep with a guide on how to best take care of them. They want to create more sustainable gardens for their clients, so if you want to have plants thoughtfully added to your home, this one’s worth a try.

4. PlantLadyPH (​@plantladyph​)

This one-woman small scale plant store on Instagram sells all kinds of plants in the cutest pots! Her posts also give tips on how to care for a specific plant, such as how often they should be watered and whether it needs direct sunlight.

5. SucculentsPH (​@succulentsph​)

For people who live fast-paced and on-the-go lifestyles, succulents are the perfect plants for you. They only need a few spritzes of water to stay hydrated and some indirect sunlight, so your desk will be an ideal home for it. They also make made-to-order succulent terrariums that can be housed in gold-edged geometric glass cases, making it more personal and special.

Quick tip: Plants from these online stores get snapped up fast, so slide into their DMs as soon as you see one you like to ensure it’s yours!

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