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Making A Comeback

We’re finally back from our social media hiatus and boy, do we have a lot to tell you guys. We spent the month of January charging our creative batteries for the year ahead.

Making A Comeback

We have become more active on social media, but most especially Instagram, in order to get closer to our followers. We always look forward to new things we share every month, from new products to new events, and you have returned all our efforts with your support of PdP. But in order to grow our little company, we had to take a step back from our usual schedule and focus our energies on new endeavors we’ve been dreaming of doing for the past year. Taking a break from social media actually also allowed us to look for inspiration in our surroundings, and hence, new ideas for PdP!

Aside from taking a break from social media to recharge ourselves, we also spent the entire month planning and coming up with designs for our Daily Organizers. Our Daily Organizers are one of the newest additions to the Punchdrunk Panda family, and we saw how much you guys were loving the designs. This year, we’ve tapped some of the up-and-coming artists in the country to put their own spin to the collection. We’re not saying who they are yet, but keep your eyes peeled for any teasers we have floating around our social media profiles. And if you have any guesses who they are, leave a comment on our posts! Who knows, maybe you’ll be right and you’ll get an awesome surprise later in the year - or you might give us more ideas on who we should work with next to expand the PdP items! We’re always on the lookout for artistic collaborators to make new products for you guys.

Bloom Daily Organizer

Spring Fairy Daily Pouch

Modern Manila Daily Wallet

What about you? How do you recharge yourself when you hit a creative block? Do you do a social media cleanse like we did? Or do you travel to a quiet place to escape the busy city? Are you excited to find out what we have up our sleeve? Let us know in the comments below, we want to know how our followers keep creating. Here’s to a wonderful year ahead!

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