• Repost: Malangaan Cave by Lissa Kahayon
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Repost: Malangaan Cave by Lissa Kahayon

Lissa Kahayon x Punchdrunk Panda

Lissa goes hiking with a Punchdrunk Panda Backpack. Explore her new adventure to Malangaan Cave with a repost of her blog below.

"I always find myself seeking for new adventures. If my schedule permits, I try to go somewhere new every week. I prefer going on weekdays since it's less traffic, not to mention less crowded! I want to have the place all to myself. Haha! I enjoy the peace and quiet and I like how I can take my time taking photos. Hiking is one of my favorite activities to do outdoors. I've been wanting to go to Malangaan Cave ever since I saw its beautiful marble formation on social media. I did some research and read that it's a fairly easy hike so I planned a trip with my sisters and my photographer. 

Malangaan Cave is a 2 hour drive from Manila. We left at 5am on a Tuesday to avoid rush hour traffic and was able to get there by 7am. Upon arriving, we were greeted by a bunch of kids offering to be our tour guides. There is no entrance fee to the cave, no registration, and no formal tour guides. We got 2 boys to accompany us on our trek. 

Malangaan Cave is beautiful, however; it was a bit disappointing to see a lot of trash and vandalism on the walls. It's not well kept and maintained at all. I wish someone would properly handle the operations of the cave so there would be some sort of system and proper upkeep and maintenance.

We finished the trek in an hour so we decided to head back to the entrance of the cave to take more photos. There is a spring that's connected to a river but we weren't really in the mood to swim. 

There were no other guests/tourists at Malangaan Cave so we really made the most out of our trip. We took a lot of photos and did the trek twice! It was scorching hot though but the kids said that it's fairly good weather because when it rains, the trek would be difficult due to slippery rocks and thick mud. 

We were able to get back to Manila just a bit after lunch. If you're planning to go to Malangaan Cave, it's best to go early on a weekday. Allot 100-200php per person since there are no registration fees and no fixed price to hire a guide. You only pay 30php for entrance to the vicinity and another 30php for parking. Bring snacks or a packed lunch since there are no food stalls near the area and don't forget to pick up after your trash so you don't contribute to the clutter inside the caves!"

Lissa Kahayon x Punchdrunk Panda

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