• Showing Off Your Gym Style (cause #bodygoals)
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Showing Off Your Gym Style (cause #bodygoals)

The gym is rarely a place you’d want to stand out in, unless you’re the picture-perfect definition of #bodygoals. But that doesn’t mean you should go for a boring outfit (read: loose shirt and leggings) because, newsflash, people are still going to see you no matter how inconspicuous you wanted to be.

Go for a gym style that you’re comfortable with, and that excites you to take on those weights. Here are some ways to inspire you to do just that!

Wear print or neon.

Punchdrunk Panda Duffle Bag

Wearing an all-black workout ensemble would definitely look sexy and classy, but won’t be enough to inspire you to enjoy shedding those unwanted calories. It’s important to stay motivated throughout your exercise, and one way to ensure this is to make your gym clothes pop in color and personality.

Style your hair.

Style Your Hair
Photo, via Stylepresso.com

The one thing we neglect paying attention to at the gym is our hair, and we think we can just do with a hair tie and an elastic band—that is, until stray hair sticks all over our sweaty face. Try fixing a quick stylish workout hairdo that’s both functional and impressive.

Ditch your boring gym bag.

Punchdrunk Panda Duffle Bag

Fitness-geeks would know that a gym bag is as important as an everyday purse, so having one that shows off your fun personality makes just as much sense. So ditch that boring duffel, tote, or backpack everyone else has and switch to one that will have people staring in intrigue. You can check out our catalog of duffel bags here, to find the best gym bag for you!

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