• Sneak Peek to Our New Organizer Family
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Sneak Peek to Our New Organizer Family

We’ve been keeping it well under wraps, but we’re excited to finally announce that we’re adding new designs to our Daily Organizer family! Since we first introduced them to our followers, you have been loving them a lot that we decided to look for possible collaborators to give their own twist to the collection. We’re just giving you a sneak peek so who knows, there might be more artists we’ll work with as the year goes on. But for now, we have THREE new designs and two new artists to welcome aboard so let’s get this ball rolling!

Bloom Daily Organizer

The first artist we’re welcoming to the PdP fam is Jappy Agoncillo (also known as Jappy Lemon), known for his murals and illustrations that you can find around the Metro. He’s the brain and hands behind the Bloom Daily Organizer collection, taking his unique artistic style to canvas. His illustrations always have a way of jumping out from their two dimensionality, and we’re excited to have them come in the Daily Organizers.

Modern Manila Daily Pouch

The other artist joining the PdP fam is Alyssa de Asis. Alyssa’s colorful and whimsical designs fit right into the Punchdrunk Panda collection! As a graphic designer and illustrator, her projects have a distinct playful quality that everybody gravitates to. She came up with her Modern Manila design for the Daily Organizers, a colorful 2D interpretation of the country’s essence and identity that looks like it came straight out of a fairytale book.

Spring Fairies Daily Pouch

Speaking of fairytales, we’re coming out with a design centered around these mythical creatures. A Fairies Daily Organizer will be making their way to shelves very soon! One of our Punchdrunk Panda originals, these little fairies will accompany you as you bring your Daily Organizer as you go about your day.

That’s all we’re revealing for now! We have more designs we’re cooking up in the Punchdrunk Panda HQ, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements on our social media platforms.

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