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Spending Summer in the City

 Spending Summer in the City

“There’s nothing like summer in the city...” (Manuel-Miranda, 2015)

It may not be the ideal way to spend your summer vacation, but for some people, a stay-cation is all they need. Spending summer in the city isn’t all that bad. You may feel like you know the city, but what you know, is probably just the bare minimum.

Visit Museums

Whenever we go abroad, museums are usually part of the list of activities that come to mind, we want to know about their culture, their history, their perspective, but when it comes to your own country and your own city, it’s the last thing that comes to your mind. Visit museums and get to know your city again. Maybe there’s a story that is still left untold.

Food Park Hopping

 Spending Summer in the City

Love to eat? So does the rest of the Filipino population. We spend so much time thinking about food, looking at food on the internet and even reading food blogs and recipes we know we’re never going to try out. Why not actually try out all of the food you’ve been telling yourself you will try. Food parks are the perfect place to go. You just sit on a table in the middle of it all, overwhelmed by all the selections in front of you and pig out!

Photo shoot of the City Landscape

 Spending Summer in the City

Summer in the city means missing out on all of those gorgeous travel photos that your friends proudly post on Instagram or Facebook, but why not have a photo shoot in the city? Find the little secrets of the city and snap photos of them for lasting memories. Or maybe you want a chance to grab your camera with the Land Camera Strap and show off that BFFs Besties Enamel Pin that you’ve been saving for a rainy day and just show it off. The city you’re in is filled with beauty, so don’t spend too much time visiting another city when you have your own that needs some love.

Bar Hopping

When the sun goes down, and bars open, and you can explore the nightlife of the city that you love. Get out of your go-to bar and try something new. Maybe you’ll find a new spot to go to, and a new drink that you’ll fall in love with. All those restobars that your friends keep telling you to go to? Time to go to them.

Summer in the city isn’t all about missing what’s out there, it’s finally realizing what you’ve been missing all the things at home.

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