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Stay Organized This New Year

Ah, January 2017! It’s become a habit to reflect on the year that was and create new year resolutions aspiring for the year that will be -- but for most of us, in just a few days from the start of February, we’re already struggling in keeping resilient with our number 1 goal. So to the hopes of achieving your resolutions by the end of the new year, one resounding common ground is to actually get organized (and to keep it that way throughout the year). Being organized not only makes your days more productive but it also motivates you to check off your 2017 goals.


Let’s start with your Christmas gifts. Now that you’ve got fancy new things to add to your list of belongings, get rid of some that have become old, dull, and useless. Clean, organize, and update your desk with brand new memorabilias. Throw your decrepit office supplies, narrow down your important documents, file them properly, then label and organize them alphabetically. Moving over to your closet, sort out your clothes and toss your never used, wrong size, washed off and ripped sartorials in a donation box.

Once you’ve got all your brand new belongings sorted out, before you head off to bed every night, create a to-do list of things you need to accomplish the next day. Check your planner or calendar app as well so as to prepare for your important events days or a week ahead of schedule. Do you have a client meeting in three days? Make it a task to review the project or proposal and cross it off the night before. Another handy tip is to create an essentials checklist such as what goes in your gym bag, what to pack for trips, and what to bring on a photoshoot so that you’ll never forget the littlest necessity.


Now that your tasks are in check, be your own financial assistant and track your finances by keeping your receipts and sorting them out in terms of bank statements, business expenses, personal expenses, rent, and utility bills. Then, store them in a box by your main door so that you can quickly drop the receipts right when you step in your home. Every week, computerize your finances or download a money management app to record your weekly spendings.

At this point, your life’s almost figured out, but here are just a few extra useful tips for you to get by: Put a clock in your bathroom (to never put make-up too long), have a two-compartment hamper to separate your lights from darks (to save ten minutes off your laundry time), practice putting things away immediately (to where they belong), spare 15 minutes of your time each day to organize (to cultivate a healthy habit), and just stop procrastinating. The longer you wait to do something, the more you’ll put it on hold.

In the long run, putting in the effort to get organized each day makes your life less stressful and more functional, less hassle and more at ease. By the end of the day, the less clutter there is, the more you’ll be able to enjoy the things you own, the more you’ll feel better, and the more happiness there’ll be in your life. So here’s to getting organized and to reaching your new year’s resolution, whatever that may be.

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