Repost: Organized by Laureen Uy

Organizer by Laureen Uy

I find myself leaving the house needing to bring so many things with me and since I always use a small sling bag, I usually end up bringing so magazines, books, papers, etc. on my arms to the point that I feel like I’m back to being a high school girl carrying tons of books to her classroom. I’ve always wanted a handy dandy organizer that I can bring around with me everywhere I go - good thing I saw Punchdrunk Panda’s organizer online. BMS.

Repost: Texture Play by Laureen Uy

Texture Play by Laureen Uy

"Most of you don’t know this but when I have short trips (2-3 days max), I just like bringing an overnight bag with me (yes, surprisingly I’m a light packer). Punchdrunk Panda’s duffel bag is so convenient to bring! It’s so spacious inside that you even have a shoe compartment, a water bottle pocket and a soft compartment pocket for all your valuables."

Repost: For Sporty Spice from Camille Co

Camille Co for Punchdrunk Panda

I know a lot of you are curious about my workout routine so this news I’m about to share with you will hopefully get you excited. My next vlog will be (drumroll please)….a fitness video! But since the video isn’t ready yet, let me share my fitness-inspired outfit instead–an after workout outfit that actually looks a lot like an ACTUAL workout outfit. Sporty Spice would be proud.