• Top 3 Tips On How To Organize Your Travel Trips
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Top 3 Tips On How To Organize Your Travel Trips

It’s finally April, which means 1⁄4 of the year has already gone by. For some of us, it’s time to prepare for final requirements and the end of the school year - you may be even graduating soon! And for some, your summer vacation has already begun. The months between school years can be used to expose yourself to new experiences -- summer workshops, internships, or to simply travel.

Top 3 Tips On How To Organize Your Travel Trips

We at PdP aren’t strangers to traveling. We might even say that we’re seasoned travelers. We know how important it is to prepare for your trip to another city, island, country, or continent. So let us impart some tips on how to organize your trips outside of your norm.

1. Keep a simple checklist.

A simple checklist of the tasks you need to do is a big help! Break down one big task, like packing your luggage, into subtasks (shirts, pants, shoes, undies, toiletries) that will stay consistent throughout your trip. This checklist can be reused when you repack your luggage when you change hotels or packing to go home. You can also use the checklist system to break down tasks like buying and printing out your airplane ticket, applying for a visa, reserving your hotel, etc.

2. Plan your itinerary.

Top 3 Tips On How To Organize Your Travel Trips

The best way to get organized for a trip is to plan out where you’re going to go. Start by identifying the locations you definitely want to visit. From there, you can plan the order of destinations you’ll visit to maximize your time traveling. Make sure to include your flight details (departure and arrival), travel time between destinations, hotel addresses, phone numbers of travel agents, rental car companies, airlines, and hotels, as well as the contact details of your country’s embassies (if going abroad). Give a copy to someone, a relative or friend, so they know where you’re going just in case. Having an itinerary also helps when applying for a visa, for this trip and any future trips. Some embassies ask for specific details of previous trips abroad, so keep it handy for the future.

3. Organize your bags with bag organizers.

Top 3 Tips On How To Organize Your Travel Trips

May it be your luggage or your carry on, keeping your belongings in specific bags will help you keep your things organized. Our Daily Organizer sets will help you out with that, since the varying sizes are perfect for the various items you’ll bring with you on your trip. Don’t forget to tag us on the travels you’ll bring them on!

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