• Top 5 Signs You Belong To The “Stay Home Club"

Top 5 Signs You Belong To The “Stay Home Club"

Top 5 Signs You Belong To The “Stay Home Club"

Imagine this scenario: you’re at home sitting on your couch or lying in your bed, wrapped up in your warm, fluffy blanket ready to binge watch the new season of your favorite series. You hear your phone ring with a text from your bestfriend telling you that there’s a party you guys should go to tonight. What would you do?

A. You text them back saying you’re not up to going out tonight.

B. You go but end up sneaking out to go home early.

If both seem like something you will definitely do, then you have a ticket to the Stay Home Club. We’ve all seen the personality tests. They’ve frequently popped up on our feeds and timelines, and we may have been tempted to take it at least once to know what the fuss is about.

One of the biggest definers of the exam is to determine if you’re an extrovert or an introvert. These show a preference for either trait at a given time in our lives, shown through habits that show through time and time again. Think you’re a member of the Stay Home Club?

Introvert vs Extrovert

People greatly value your opinion. You prefer not to be the first to speak, but when asked you give observant comments that your peers put a lot of importance on. You prefer to observe, but you notice a lot that goes around you.

You think best when you’re alone (and in the zone). When you’re in a group, the task of keeping up with everybody else’s comments occupies most of your time. Brainstorming happens best for you when you’re alone with your thoughts, able to digest the thought process on your own before sharing it with other people. You value your “me time” because it lets you recharge your batteries for the next time you’re in a big group.

You don’t offend anybody by accident. Because you’ve thought hard on what you want to say, it’s a rare occasion that you offend anyone by an offhand comment or something said in the heat of the moment.

The friendships you have are deep and long ones. You put a lot of effort in your friendships, spending one on one time with a friend to make it more intimate. It takes you quite a while to open up, but once you do then that person is a friend forever.

Human beings are flexible and adaptable creatures, so when the situation calls for it, you can bring out the inner social butterfly when you need it the most. You have the best of both worlds: you can say you want to stay at home or you can go out and surprise everyone by showing up.

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