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Travel Bag Essentials

Travel Bag Essentials

The summer sun is scorching, you’re now slathering layers of sunblock on your face and body just to avoid the sun burn. Summer is here, and it’s time to head out!

But before you jump on that plane, or get in that car and drive non stop to your dream destination, you need to know what you’re bringing. Time to bring out that Donuts Duffle Bag and start packing!

  1. Clothes & Toiletries. Where are you going? What’s the weather like? Is it time to bring out your favorite sweater, or that bikini you’ve been saving for a fun day under the sun? Will you be cuddling up by the fire in your Popsicle Classic Socks or cozying up in a hotel room with your Colorful City Headphones? And let’s not forget the toiletries. How are you going to live without your favorite coconut scented shampoo or cucumber melon lotion?

  2. Travel Papers. If you’re going out of the country, then this is something you definitely can’t forget. Have your passport comfortably lying inside the Summer Fun Passport Wallet as well as your hotel reservations, visas, and airplane tickets.

  3. Camera. An adventure is not an adventure unless it’s well documented. In a world where social media is “life”, we’re always on the quest for that IG shot to share to the world so make sure you pack that camera with its Brighter Days Camera Strap.

  4. Laptop & Cellphone. You can’t forget to connect with everyone back home. Your laptop and cellphone are important so that you won’t completely lose sight of the world. There are people waiting for you to come back with their pasalubong and your stories from the other side of the world. Make sure you update your family and friends about your whereabouts and show your happiness and excitement. So pack up your laptop in your Wander On Organizer and you’re almost good to go.

  5. Money. It’s time to bring out those savings and live a little. Allow yourself to splurge a little, live a little and bring a little piece of where you came from home.

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