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Travel Journals To Inspire You

Last week, we published a post of tips in styling your travel journal. If you’re still confused on how to go about personalizing your travel diary, we’ve curated some Pinterest and Instagram photos of journals to spark the creativity in you!

For the Wordsmiths by Theresa D (mydocumentedlife)


You can keep it plain and simple by just jotting down your thoughts, your observations, and your experiences with a good pen and a few photos and knick- knacks you’ve managed to gather.

For the iPhone Photographers by Abbey Sy (abbeysy)

Abbey Sy

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, and if you’re not one to write down that many, you can leave the talking to your own photos! Try printing out all the photos you’ve taken on your mini photo developer or simply on your colored printer and lay them out like the above. Don’t forget to put captions so you’d remember where each photo was taken in!

For the Artists by Christine Hu (atinghu)

Christine Hu

If you’re the artsy type who likes to take time and sketch scenes and things, flex your hand muscles and try sketching your meals, your outfits, animals you’ve come across, locally made items you like the designs of—anything! It’s definitely better than just taking quick photos. With this style, you can remember all the visual details you would have missed if you just wrote about it or took photos of it.

For the Memento Collectors by Eve Johnson (evalicious)

Eve Johnson

You can also just opt to put together all the mementos you’ve gathered during the entirety of your trip and display them on your journal. Think of it as something close to collage making. If these random receipts, train tickets, maps, and what-have-yous hold enough meaning, then you’ll be able to remember the stories behind each of them well in the future. No need for lengthy anecdotes! 

Of course, no one style is better than the other, and it all ends with how you’d want to chronicle your trips. You can even mix different styles, or make your own! The possibilities are endless once you get your creative juices flowing. Go ahead and let your imagination run wild!

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