• Workout Basics: 5 Things You Can’t Leave Home Without
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Workout Basics: 5 Things You Can’t Leave Home Without

Workout Basics: 5 Things You Can’t Leave Home Without

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We’ve all been there; when we have ourselves convinced that we’re 100% prepared for something—a trip, a business pitch, a party—only to find out a little too late that we’ve forgotten something at home. And for a place like the gym, getting that feeling of frustration will kill the good vibe you’ve had going on during your workout.

So before you step out of our house with your gym bag in tow, run a brief check if you’ve brought along these gym essentials:

Water bottle. It’s important that you keep yourself hydrated during your workout. Always bring a water bottle and fill it with your liquid of choice—vitamin water, sports beverage, or just plain distilled water—right before you pack in the rest of your gym essentials.

Hair and body soap. This 2-in-1 soap bar can help lighten the weight of your gym bag and also prevent getting your stuff too wet from so many toiletries. Having this will help you get cleaned in a jiffy, especially when you’ve got to rush to your next appointment.

Antibacterial or disinfectant wipes. Remember that you’re not the only one using the gym equipment. Bacteria from sweat, dirt, and other substances thrive in every corner and every item in the gym. So to avoid getting sick from them, always have a pack of wipes to sanitize yourself and your equipment.

Facial Wash and Clean Towel. To avoid buildup of bacteria in pores, you need to cleanse your face right after working out. The best facial cleanser will be the ones that contain benzoyl peroxide. To avoid body acne, you’ll also need a clean towel to wipe the sweat off acne-prone areas such as our chest, back, and stomach.

Slippers. Don’t walk barefoot around the gym after your workout, especially not in the shower room where bacteria that can cause athlete’s foot thrive the most. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and to wear shower slippers while taking your post- workout rinse.

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