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Ideas & values we live by at PdP

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We live for the wild & "crazy" ideas. We’re all about collaboration and giving graphic artists & illustrators unconventional canvases to translate their artistic expressions onto. We also try to come up with funky new products that speak to you and give you a chance to express your unique personality as well. 

While we put great emphasis on design, we really aim to create great-looking stuff that are actually really useful too. We want to create things that are just for display on a wall or bedside table, hence, our footwear, camera straps, and other tech gear, which you can bring along with you wherever you go.

This comes in two ways for us: 1) We look out for products to add an extra oomph! to, and ways to improve our current products (this is where we really value your feedback), so that we can level up! And 2) we hope that the things we do and ideas we share influence you to make the world just a little bit better as well! :)

Yabang Pinoy! Our products are made by talented Filipino designers, and whenever possible, by Filipino craftsmen and women. We also dream of someday making waves abroad and be that phenomenal little Filipino company that our fellow countrymen can be proud of.

We love collaborating with others who actively pursue their passions in design, photography, film, music and more! Through our happiness-inducing products and events, we aim to showcase people who tirelessly go after their dreams. If that sounds like you, email us! We'd love to find ways to collaborate with you.

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Punchdrunk Panda character design by OJ Desuasido
Fun new costumes by Joseph Velasquez